Medical Transcription Training
Medical Transcription Training

CAP Features


SNS CAP - Career Advancement Program

Training In Medical Transcription

By its very nature the Medical Transcription Industry is highly dependent on quality people and the company believes that relentless focus on providing methodical training is the only way to promote and manage growth. The Training arm of SNSdsl engages in recruitment, training, and placement activities round-the-year.

CAP Objective

The primary objective of the CAP is to identify potential students to undergo the comprehensive and Tailor-made Medical Transcription Training program in order to enable them become qualified Medical Transcriptionists within a six month period

The CAP Medical Transcription Training program is so designed to minimize the training period by incorporating on-the-job training directly into the course, thereby enabling the trainees to move seamlessly into a production based activity at the earliest

Advantages of the Program

The CAP in Medical Transcription Training is open to a wide spectrum of society. Graduates, Post Graduates, Diploma Holders, Pharmacy Graduates, Nurses, Housewives and also people from professional streams like MBBS, Engineering, etc. The CAP will enable them to quickly scale up to more advanced positions in the hierarchy and consequently increases their earnings exponentially


+2 students, Graduates and Post Graduates of the Arts and Science as well as Professional streams ie Engg, Medicine, Law etc, B.Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and anyone with an excellent command of the English Language.